Nutritional Information 

The Nutritional Information on HiFi Flour is Great .

High Total Dietary Fibre Content 

Because HiFi Wheat is a totally new Wheat, all nutritionals are very different for the flour and any products made from it. The most significant nutritional difference is the  high Total Dietary Fibre Content  content at 7.1 % making it the highest fibre wheat bread available.  

High Resistant Starch

This is the recently discovered soluble fibre found in beans and lentils. It is  crucial for slowing sugar release into the blood and it also feeds the good bugs in the bowel. At 6% in our  HiFi bread it is double that found in  beans and lentils which are one of natures  highest sources.. And remember this is not added. It is bred into the wheat.

Lower Glycaemic Impact 

With a 15% lower calorie level at 908kj per 100g. HiFi Bread is ideal to assist with weight loss and insulin moderation. Most high fibre breads come with high calories. HiFi bread has been shown to be up to 38% lower in glycaemic impact thus avoiding blood sugar spikes. 

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