Frequently asked questions

Whats the Grind on HiFi Flour

Because of the exceptionally high fibre content in HiFi Flour, HiFi bread carries an equally High Fibre content. At 7.1% Total Dietary Fibre (AOAC 2017.16) it is in fact the Highest Fibre, wheat-only bread available. Much of this fibre is in the form of the recently discovered fibre known as Resistant Starch

Whats the Great Thing about Fibre and Resistant Starch?

There are many types of Dietary Fibre. Carbohydrate is classified as fibre if it takes longer than 4 hours to digest. It therefore passes through the stomach and small intestine undigested and is either fermented in the bowel or like bran passes straight through the body. Fibre is essential for all digestive and immune functions and many other body operations . A new fibre has emerged in recent years . It is known as Resistant Starch and is gaining significant scientific accolade. It is the healthy component found in small quantities in lentils, and beans (around 1 to 3%) and green bananas (5%). It is crucial for gut health and we only consume about 30% of the recommended daily intake of around 30 grams per day . HiFi bread is extremely high in Resistant Starch (over 6%) and its very easy to eat. For more information on resistant starch go to

When I Eat HiFi Bread what should I notice?

Remember this is just white bread. It is made from simple ground white wheat flour. Initially you'll most likely not notice anything different. The taste and texture are just the same as normal white bread. But if you normally have problems digesting white bread this will not be a problem. That bloating feeling and heavy gut most likely will not occur. This is becaused of the very slow digestion rate of the bread (it ferments in the bowel not the stomach). Test it by eating a couple of slices and compare it with standard white bread . What you will notice, after a period of time, is that you are not feeling hungry or needing a refill. Again this is because of the high content of Resistant Starch.

How does HiFi Bread Compare with Wholemeal or Wholegrain Bread?

HiFi Bread has over 7 % dietary fibre. Most wholemeal or wholegrain breads have between 3.5 and 5 % Dietary Fibre and most of this is derived from the whole grains or husks which will not digest in the stomach. They also have a much lower Resistant Strarch level of less than 1%

Is HiFi Bread Diabetic Friendly?

YES. HiFi Bread is diabetic friendly. because of it high fibre content and lower Glycaemic load compared to normal bread, HiFi Bread releases its carbs over a long period of time. Only a small part of the starch converts to sugar It is scientifically shown to be 38% lower in blood sugar impact, This gives the body a chance to absorb and manage the blood glucose levels without spiking the insulin requirement.

Does HiFi Bread have the same Calories as Normal Bread ?

LESS. Because of the high Resistant Starch content of the HiFI Flour, much more water is needed to make the dough. This is reflected in the finished bread with water levels over 30% greater than normal white bread. This means there is actually less room in the loaf for flour and subsequently the energy content is less. Typically white bread will contain 1040 to 1080 Kj / 100gms. HiFi bread contains 904Kj /100gms. This is great if you are considering weight loss. What is more, most of these calories are slow release so they are only made available via the gut flora after full fermentation. This can take from several hours to several days to release.

Does HIFi Bread Have Gluten?

Yes. HiFi Bread has Gluten. So if you are coeliac or have a defined gluten intolerance treat it as normal bread and avoid it. However many digestive intolerances to bread are confused with gluten intolerance. Often these do not occur with HiFi Bread because of the high Resistant Starch content. This ensures much less bloating and better passage through the stomach.

Does HiFi Bread Make Good Toast?

Definately. Because of its high moisture content, HiFi Bread makes excellent toast, Cook as normal but do not over cook. Its great with eggs or tomatoes. If you do have a sweet tooth the high fibre content will also slow the uptake of any sweet jam or spread. Ideally use bread that is 3 to 4 days old for toast (if you happen to have any left over).

Is HiFi Bread Good for your Good Bugs?

Most Definately. HiFi Bread contains very high levels of Resistant Starch . This is not digested in the stomach but is broken down (fermented ) in the gut by the good bugs. The high sugar-release starches in normal bread feed the bad bugs. Effectively HiFi bread acts as a prebiotic and feeds the good bugs that produce goodies such as Short Chain Fatty Acids. These are essential for good digestion, gut health and a reduction in gut problems such as IBS, Diverticulitis, and Leaky Bowel.

Does HiFi Bread Keep as Well as Normal Bread ?

Most commercial breads contain preservatives to add to shelf life in Supermarkets. We add no preservatives. We still get 3 to 4 days of good shelf life from HiFi Bread. Just store it in a cool bread box or air tight tin. Note, wrap it in a paper bag rather than plastic so it doesn't sweat. Because of its higer water content, it also keeps its softness much better, even after 5 days. What we suggest is to eat today or tomorrow and then toast if theres any left. after day 3. You can freeze it like normal bread and it will keep for ages. Because of the lightness of the bread do use soft butter rather than margarine. Its all about feeding the good Bugs.

How Much HiFi Bread Should I Eat?

Because HiFi Bread has all the goodness of bread without the negatives there are no restrictions to how much you eat. I challenge you to take the HiFI test and try a whole day just on 8 slices of HiFi bread, spread with good wholesome butter. You'll be amazed how full you feel during the day and in effect dont think about eating. But do remember to drink plenty of water as the high fibre content demands water in the gut. Also if you are accustomed to a traditional fast digested NZ diet you will have a natural shortage of food for the good bugs (probiotics) . In NZ less than 40% of the bugs in our tummy are beneficial. Starting a diet high in Resistant Starch can fire these bugs up and create some flatulence. This occurs as the beneficial bugs increase in numbers and it stabilises as the balance improves over time. It is part of the healthy change occuring in your gut.

Is there Science Associated with HiFi Bread?

Most Definitely.. There are specific trials on blood sugar reductionsand lower insulin impacts on our HiFi recipe bread. Also there are significant studies on the impact of Resistant Starch on both gut and general health. Just ask us for themor check the science tab on this website.