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The History of HiFi Wheat 

Back in 2006, CSIRO, the Australian Government  Research Agency, teamed up with French company, Limagrain Céréales the largest grain breeder in Europe.   Their aim, to continue the 6 years work in developing wheat varieties with higher contents of  amylose and resistant starch. Together a company called Arista Cereal Technologies was born. This has taken the technologies to the World 

Realising the potential of the very high fibre wheat, HiFi Foods NZ Ltd was formed in  2020 expressely with the purpose of bringing High Amalose Wheat and Flour to the New Zealand. consumer.


 We have been traialing the new HiFi Flour in our, on farm, Hertitage Bakery since mid 2020. 

Not only does it make great white bread, it also carries some wonderful health adantages.

The effects are quite noticeable . You wont feel bloated or over full  and it lowers your hunger or apetite for much longer. This is because of the Hi Resistance Starch levels in the flour.   Instead of quiclky converting to sugar in the stomach, it carries through to the large intestine where it is fermented and  provides food for the good gut Flora. This not only releases the sugars slowly but greatly reduces the impact of many of the common gut health inflamitory conditions .


Often the effects are noticeable within a few hours