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High Fibre White Flour and Bread 

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High Fibre  Wheat and Flour 

A Revolutionary new wheat variety has just been released on the World Market. 

Naturally bred over 20 years by CSIRO Australia the wheat has been selected for its very high levels of Dietary Fibre.

The HiFi white flour ground from this wheat has


10 x the Fibre

 of standard white flour.

Learn about this remarkable new food on this site   

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Baked from  HiFi High Amylose Wheat Flour 

 7.1% Dietary Fiber 

                    The highest fibre pure grain bread                        available


15 %   Lower Calorie

                      than standard  wholemeal or                                white bread.


6 %      Resistant Starch

                        This prebiotic feeds the good                               bugs and promotes gut health

10.8%  Protein

38%      Lower Insulin Spike                              Diabetic friendly  


 Wheat and Flour 



“I just wanted to let you know  my experience with the bread and my IBS. Usually I eat bread and Im full and bloated. However I found with ths bread it has presented no bloating,pain,or feeling too full. Its light and really enjoyable. We had the bread for 7 days , we finished it and it remained fresh and soft we kept it it in a container. Really really enjoyed it! 

 Cant wait for it to be on the market!

Kind regards

Tayla K.     Christchurch

Recieved May 1st 2021 


HiFi Foods Courner State Highway 1 and 4 Mills and Ford Road BLENHEIM 


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